Quiero! | Banco Galicia

Role: Lead Designer

Type: Digital Design

Skills: Sketch


Quiero is the Loyalty program of Banco Galicia. By making purchases with the bank's credit and debit cards, customers earn points that can be exchanged for products, experiences, or trips in Quiero's platform.  I led the redesign of the platform.

quiero main


Since there were urgent usability problems with the old site, we decided to reduce to the minimum the number of flows and interactions of the new product in order to minimize the time of the job and change the site as soon as possible.  We first mapped all the online and offline user interactions with the product in a Customer Journey Map.

quiero journey

Sitemap & Flow

quiero wire


We decided to have a feed for letting users discover new products and experiences, instead of only relying on search behavior. By doing this, we would have a shopwindow in which we could arrange products according relevance and profitability for the bank.

We fully customized the feed using Real Time Decision (RTD) software from Oracle. Every single element of the feed is decided in the moment the page is loaded following more than 100 variables: user preferences and previous actions, availability, business needs, and even weather conditions.

quiero rtd
quiero rtd

Each space in the feed would be tailored showing a different product, category, collection, among other elements, according to the person browsing and the time. We designed different collections for different seasons and moments of the day, such as "Sunday night specials" with discounts in ice creams, pizzas, etc, or "fitness deals" for customers profiled under affinity for these products.

All the physical products would have a plain color in the back and the image would be parametrically rendered in that feed. While this may sound as an easy task, given the many display sizes we had to handle and the countless possible combinations of feeds users may see, we had to design a robust and scalable solution.


We created a new way of organizing and showing products. Each product was tagged with keywords which then were combined to create different collections such as "Christmas", "Gifts for Mom", "Gardening time", etc.

quiero rtd quiero rtd

User testing (Paper prototypes)

We tested all our assumptions about navigation and feed with real users and in the earliest stage possible: paper.

quiero rtd quiero rtd

Wireframes Desktop / Mobile

quiero rtd quiero rtd quiero rtd quiero rtd

Final Designs

quiero rtd quiero rtd quiero rtd quiero rtd