Mendoza Cup & Saucer

Role: Product Designer

Type: Pysical Product Design

Skills: Rhino, Illustrator, Laser Cutting, Prototyping


Ristretto coffee should be enjoyed fully. This concentrated beverage has many rich aromas and flavors that can be perceived by changing the angle in which the liquid enters the mouth and reaches the tongue. Red and white wine glasses are shaped differently from other glasses so as to enhance the tasting experience. Similarly, the shape of this cup entices the user to experiment a variety of tastes and scents by letting them choose different angles from which to drink.



The off-centered bottom of the cup allows users change and experience the different slopes in teh inner part of the cup when they turn it.

The integration with its saucer allows users to "click" the cup in five different angles. In each one of them the product adopts a different shape, being symmetrical in some and completely asymmetrical in others.

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