Control | Wearable

Role: Product Designer

Type: Pysical Product Design

Skills: Rhino, 3D Printing


We visited the Wagner Institute of Science in Philadelphia, a natural history museum in Philadelphia, and looked for inspiration for a piece of wearable art that we should 3D print and finish with different treatment processes.

I was drawn to the idea of inverting the relationship between the object and the person that wears it: what would happen if the object were in control of the human wearing it? In response to that, I intended to create an object that, when being worn, looks as if it were coming out from the user’s mouth and attacking her eyes and back part of her neck.






I looked for inspiration in different species of insects I sketched in the museum. In particular: spiders, scorpions, and beetles. Also, some details of the object such as the joints and "legs" are based on different types of bones and fossils.

The whole object was 3D printed in hard resin. For the finishing, two layers of acrylic metallic paint were applied, and later covered with another two thin layers of XTC-3D. I wanted to contrast the creepiness of the shape with a very polished, clean, metallic finishing.


This final design coveys a sense of dynamism and movement, that interacts directly with the natural movement of the user.

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