Hola! I'm Claudio, a digital product designer who cares about engineering.

I'm a first-year graduate student in the Integrated Product Design (IPD) Masters program at the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently working to improve my product design and problem finding skills, while also honing my technical and programming skills, which I believe are essential to create delightful experiences and products.

I am a very curious person; I am passionate about knowing how things work and how to create beautiful products with my own hands. I have experience working with startups, agencies, and leading design teams in large companies.

Digital & Code

Metis | UPenn

Spring 2020 | Researcher & Designer

Following the loss of a loved one, people need tools to help them reduce the emotional pain that arises when they need to settle their loved one’s affairs.

Quiero! | Banco Galicia

Jan 2018 - Aug 2019 | Lead Designer

Led the redesign of Banco Galicia's loyalty platform. I worked with another designer in the team and with two front-end developers.

Explore Share

Jan 2018 - Aug 2019 | Freelance Product Designer

Worked on this startup reviewing and redesigning the entire user experience on the product. I worked as the only designer (part-time) along with four developers.

HomePetLab | PennVet

Spring 2020 | Researcher & Designer

The PennVet's diagnostic lab provides a wide array of traditional diagnostic services to veterinarians, but our client wanted our team to explore the possibility of a direct-to-consumer model for at-home diagnostic services.

Design System | Banco Galicia

Jan 2018 - Jul 2019 | Design Manager

Headed and implemented a Design System, based on Atomic Design, with a Developer Kit for implementation (React.js / Storybook).

Social Muppet | UPenn

Fall 2019 | Python Developer

Experimental project for an exhibition at UPenn. I programmed the interaction of a robot that changed its mood by reading tweets that visitors sent, and reacted making sounds and lights.

Other creative endeavors


Fall 2019

This was a class project for Design Processes course of the Integrated Product Design Masters Program at UPenn.

Euclidean cup

Summer 2019

Class project for Introduction to Design course of the Integrated Product Design Masters Program at UPenn.

Control | Wearable

Oct 2019

Art project in which I designed a 3D printed wearable which seeks to reverse the power relationship of humans with the objects they wear.


To explore QGIS, Mapbox API and GL JS, I made a map that shows the relationship between fast food restaurants' per capita density and the obesity rate by state in the US.

If you like avocados like I do, you'll like this visualization I made to explore D3.js that shows the historical prices of organic and conventional avocados across the U.S. starting in 2015.