Hi, I'm Claudio
A 'hybrid' Product Designer

Co-Founder & CPO @ Dorothy and Integrated Product Design Masters Candidate @ UPenn (2021)


Digitizing natural disaster data for the insurance industry

Co-Founder and Head of Product. I'm designing, coding, and managing the product team.


Reducing the stress and emotional pain after a close person passes.


Redesigning a loyalty program for +10M people

Eames Icons



Creating 7 icons to celebrate the life and work of Charles and Ray Eames
I made an interactive site in which the user participates in their own creation to show how both artists worked together in their studio, and how different aspects of their past influenced them to produce some of the best industrial designs in history.

Control | "Wearable"


3D Printing

Inverting the relationship between the object and the person who wears it: what would happen if the object were in control of the human? In response to that, I intended to create an object that, when being worn, looks as if it were compromising the user's safety.

Angry Muppet


Embedded C

This was an art installation in which people could tweet at this monster using a special hashtag, he would "understand" if these tweets had mean or nice words in it, and change his "mood" accordingly (different sounds and lights).




This is a data-visualization & art project in which I addressed a political and social issue that occurred in Argentina with a person who ironically tweeted about organizing lootings in the city.

I'm a designer with an engineering background who enjoys learning new stuff.
I founded a couple of ventures in the past: WoodpeckeR, ComeCasero, and Cran.io.

I wrote a couple of things: "Why I don't like Customer Personas" (SPA), "ComeCasero, a postmortem" (SPA).