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Woodpecker was a company that designed and manufactured wooden products that merged technology with natural, environmentally-friendly materials such as re-planted wood and eco-leather. The company was selected for the "2013 International Design Fair" in the Metropolitan Design Center of Buenos Aires (CMD) and awarded the prize for "Innovative Design”. It was supported by the Ministry of National Development of Argentina and the Ministry of Production of Argentina, and it sold products in Argentina, Uruguay and Spain.


Problem: cellphones speakers have a weak sound, especially at outdoors. Electrical speakers have to be charged, contain environmental hazardous materials and most of them were expensive and hard to find in Argentina.


We decided to build an economical, ecological, portable and wireless speaker for cellphones. We started on paper. The process took us about two weeks, and these were our constraints:

  • It had to be simple: as fewer components as possible, with simple and maleable materials.
  • It had to be scalable: the design had to work for as many cellphone models as possible.
  • It had to serve for only one purpose, and the purpose had to be evident at first sight.
  • Early sketches

    Final product

    We developed two different models with different retail prices. One of them had a more clear sound, but did not have much power. The other one had a less precise sound, but sharper.


    We started with a basic, homemade production. 1 CNC machine, 1 circular saw, and 1 drill. We glued, sanded and painted each and every piece we delivered. In order to find a more scalable and sustainable process to cope with increasing demand, we later began to outsource most parts of the production. We reached a production capacity of 200 units per week in a six-month period.


  • + 3.000 products sold to companies such as Accenture and Fiat
  • Signed agreements with stores in Barcelona (Spain), Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Medellin (Colombia)
  • Permanent stock in MALBA Store for two consecutive years
  • Selected for the "International Design Fair 2013" in the Metropolitan Design Center of Buenos Aires (CMD) and awarded the prize for "Innovative Design”