Product Designer


SaySo is a social platform that helps people make decisions on the go. You snap a picture, add a question, and share it in a group of friends. The poll remains active for a short period of time in which group members can vote (yes/no options).

How it began

Two founders, Google employees based in San Francisco, came with an idea they needed us to design and develop. We worked remotely with them, and I designed the whole product. I also managed a team of two devs: one iOS developer and one Android developer, and defined the flow and features of the MVP with the founders.

The Essentials

We listed the features that we thought were essential for the product and designed an Minimum Viable Product. Taking a picture, adding text to it, sharing both elements in different groups to create a poll, and voting were the core features of our product. We focused our efforts on designing those flows at first. We built wireframes and tested our hypothesis internally. Then we iterated and built a high fidelity mockup in Invision, which was later used by the founders to collect feedback from real users in the USA. Simultaneously, we interviewed similar users in Argentina to have a first-hand sense of the reactions to the product.

Poll timing

In order to nudge users to vote, we decided to add a timer running backwards to visualize how much time there was left in every poll before it became “hidden” (after that time, users were not longer able to vote).


As part of the design process, I made these illustrations for the empty screens to show that they still had no activity and, at the same time, communicate a fun and cheerful tone to the users.