Quiero! Loyalty platform


Product Owner | Design Manager


Quiero is the Loyalty program of Banco Galicia. By making purchases with the bank's credit and debit cards, customers earn points that can be exchanged for products, experiences, or trips in Quiero's platform. The project consisted in simplifying and redesigning the whole program.

What to build?

We decided to simplify the product: took off some features that were not being used such as auctions, raf es, banners, and others. We decided that the MVP had to excel at:

  • Letting users discover products (feed).
  • Letting users nd products (search).
  • Making it clear why points are added and discounted.
  • The Feed

    We fully customized the feed using Real Time Decision (RTD) software from Oracle. Every single element of the feed is decided in the moment the page is loaded following more than 100 variables: user preferences and previous actions, availability, business needs, and even weather conditions.


    We revisited every contact point from the previous version. We now keep all the important communication short and shown in toastbars. Longer messages are sent by mail and only if completely necessary.


    We created a new way of organizing and showing products. Each product was tagged with keywords which then were combined to create different collections such as "Christmas", "Gifts for Mom", "Gardening time", etc.


  • Cheers when a user becomes a "pro".
  • Track of the user’s progress: kilometers traveled thanks to Quiero, savings, experiences, etc.
  • A simpler way to show when and why users gained Quiero points.
  • Checkout process