Real Betis App


Product Designer | Part-time


This app was thought and designed for letting fans find information about the team, players, tournaments, and matches. It also helps users buy tickets and merchandising of the club

The challenge

Similar apps have shown, in most cases, confusing navigation and information architecture. Also, native platform guidelines were mostly poorly implemented. That is why I started by thoroughly analyzing which were the most important actions for the users, and classifying them in a simple and comprehensible way to create a coherent navigation.


All flows were mapped and wireframed first in order to start coding without UI design.


Even though this app was just a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), I wanted it to be scalable. That is why I created functional elements that are repeated along the whole product.


Users can find here news, social media updates of the players, and people directly related with the club, results, ticket deals and more. Users may also find here stats and information about the squad.