Hi, I'm Claudio. I'm a digital product designer & engineer. I love turning ideas into meaningful solutions.

I am currently a first-year Integrated Product Design Masters student at UPenn. My main goal is to get formal education on design, to improve my user research and coding skills to become a well-rounded designer.

In my spare time, I like reading about design, playing and watching soccer, and drinking mate 🧉.

This is how I founded a 500 Startup's portfolio company and failed.
And this is me giving a TEDx talk about failing & Serendipity.

Sometimes I write in Medium

  • Why I don't like Customer Personas (SPA)
  • ComeCasero, postmortem (SPA)
  • UX in Banking Apps (SPA)
  • Sometimes I paint and draw

    me me me
    me me me

    Oh, here's my CV

    Let´s keep in touch! claudioa@seas.upenn.edu