Now that you have probably seen most of my work, I can talk a bit more about myself. I'm a designer who appreciates art, design, and code equally. I admire people like Dieter Rams, Saul Bass, Charles and Ray Eames, and Walter Gropius; while, at the same time, I admire people like Tony Fadell, Bret Victor, and Alan Kay. I'm a firm believer that magic happens right at the intersection of art, design, and engineering.

I was born and raised in Argentina, I have also lived in Mexico City and Stockholm, and moved to Philadelphia in 2019. In my spare time, I like reading about design, playing and watching soccer, and drinking mate 🧉.

This is how I founded a 500 Startup's portfolio company and failed.
And this is me giving a TEDx talk about failing & Serendipity.

If you like avocados like me, I made a humble visualization for you that shows the historic prices of organic and conventional avocado throughout the U.S.

Oh, also, here's my CV

Sometimes I write in Medium

  • Why I don't like Customer Personas (SPA)
  • ComeCasero, postmortem (SPA)
  • UX in Banking Apps (SPA)
  • Sometimes I paint and draw

    me me me
    me me me